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Building Conservation and Building Restoration Work | Solstice Slaters and Roughcasters

Over the years Solstice Slaters and Roughcasters have been involved in numerous building conservation and building restoration projects throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland. In the process our building conservation and building restoration specialists have helped to restore, preserve and maintain the fabric and heritage of many traditional and historic buildings which were in danger of deterioration and decay.

Using a combination of traditional building methods, modern techniques and materials our building conservation and building restoration experts are able to preserve and slow down the rate of deterioration in traditional buildings by carrying out regular maintenance, scheduled repairs and restoration work.

From minor building repairs to complex building refurbishment and restoration projects our building conservation and building restoration specialists provide traditional roofing, leadwork, stonemasonry, brickwork, stonework, roughcasting, harling, rendering, repointing and other specialised services used in the conservation, preservation, restoration and repair of traditional and historic buildings.

Should you happen to have a building conservation or building restoration project which you would like to discuss contact Solstice Slaters and Roughcasters.



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