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Leadwork and Bespoke Rainwater Systems and Rainwater Goods | Solstice Slaters and Roughcasters

The traditional roofers at Solstice Slaters and Roughcasters specialise in all aspects of leadwork roofing and lead flashing work for residential and commercial clients in Glasgow, Edinburgh and central Scotland. Our leadwork roofing services include leadwork repairs, leadwork replacement, leadwork restoration and new build leadwork.

Our traditional roofing contractors have years of experience in using lead in roof restoration work throughout Scotland and therefore understand that good leadwork is essential for a good roof. Lead is used because it is one of the most durable metals that exists and it lasts longer and ages more beautifully than any synthetic substitute. The most recycled and recovered building material in use today, lead can expand and contract with varying temperatures, enabling it to adapt so that it maintains the efficiency of your installed flashing in positions such as eaves, guttering and flat roofs. Lead is also perfect to use on details that are exposed to the elements and varying atmospheric temperatures.

Bespoke Rainwater Systems and Rainwater Goods

Along with standard leadwork roofing and lead roof flashing, Solstice Slaters and Roughcasters also specialise in the fabrication of bespoke rainwater systems and rainwater goods such as spouts, hopper boxes, gutters, downpipes, vents and other roofline components. Our bespoke rainwater systems and rainwater goods can be fabricated in a variety of materials including lead, cast iron and aluminium and can be replicated to retain the original heritage of your home or property.

We also specialise in the fabrication of bespoke decorative and ornamental roofing features including cupolas, clock towers, turrets, weathervanes and finials.

To enquire about our leadwork services, or our bespoke rainwater systems and rainwater goods, contact Solstice Slaters and Roughcasters.



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