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Solstice Slaters and Roughcasters specialise in rendering and repointing works for clients all over Glasgow, Edinburgh and central Scotland. Our highly skilled stonemasons and tradesmen are experienced in all aspects of rendering and repointing. Whether you require render repairs, or repointing repairs, or you need your property entirely or partially rendered or repointed, we will ensure you have a beautiful and durable finish which will last for years to come.


Solstice Slaters and Roughcasters offer a variety of render and mortar types, finishes, textures and colours. These include lime and hemp based renders and plasters to match or complement the existing render style of your property. Lime and hemp based renders and plasters not only provide you with the desired aesthetic finish that you require, they also dramatically improve the thermal efficiency of your property and provide your building with superb protection from the elements.


Repointing is one of the most common type of repairs made to traditional buildings. Solstice Slaters and Roughcasters use the tried and trusted traditional method of lime based mortars which have many advantages over cement based mortars as they are softer and more porous. Lime based mortars are not only flexible, they are also vapour permeable and therefore do not allow indoor moisture content to be trapped within the walls. Whereas cement based mortars are neither flexible, nor breathable. Using cement based mortars therefore cause cracks to form which enables moisture to penetrate walls.

Repointing using lime based mortars therefore help to waterproof, stabilise and prolong the life of the structure, while retaining its individual character. We can specify a suitable mortar mix for all repointing works. We also provide a mortar analysis and matching service to ensure the closest replication of your existing mortar.

Therefore, if you would like to revive your property and protect it from long term damage contact the stonemasons and tradesmen at Solstice Slaters and Roughcasters regarding our rendering and repointing services.



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