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The roughcasters at Solstice Slaters and Roughcasters provide an extensive range of specialist external roughcasting, wet dashing and harling services for clients throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and central Scotland. Our roughcasters have vast experience in all aspects of external wall renovation work and can work with both traditional and modern materials and finishes. This enables us to provide the perfect solution to suit the fabric of your individual property type and your budget. Therefore, if your property has weathered walls, damaged stonework or an unsightly exterior, we have a range of external wall coverings and wall coatings which will prevent water penetrating the brickwork of your property. Furthermore, roughcasting and harling will also transform the look of the exterior of your property.

Roughcasting / Wet Dashing

Roughcasting or wet dashing is a hard wearing, coarse exterior render finish which consists of a mix of stone chips, crushed granite, lime / cement and sand. Its durability means it is often found on the most exposed elevations of stone properties and is therefore ideal for refurbishing external walls as it provides an attractive, waterproof and hard wearing finish. The stone textured finish can then be coloured to suit your individual preference.


Harling is the lime and coarse sand equivalent of roughcasting or wet dashing. Harling is built up in a succession of coats, allowed to cure and usually finished with a coloured limewash or linseed paint of your choice. Harling acts as a great shield for a stone building, especially in the harsh Scottish climate. Long lasting, durable and striking to look at, harling also provides highly effective insulation. Furthermore, there is no need to repaint harling as specialist pigments can be added to colour your external walls.

If you wish to protect your property against the elements and require external wall renovation work, roughcasting, wet dashing or harling, contact the roughcasters at Solstice Slaters and Roughcasters.



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